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Product marketing for the realme GT2 Pro

I was hired to work on the launch of realme's first flagship phone the GT2 Pro. The scope of the project included product positioning, crafting all the core marketing material including the landing page, product packaging, and even presenting on stage at the product launch.


There were 3 major challenges I had to overcome with this project:

1. No brand positioning
See my project on brand tone and voice to see how I handled this.

2. Unusual taglines and product positioning
Unfortunately, the tagline "Greater than you see" had already been decided on by upper management before I was brought in on the project. When you have non-native English speakers deciding on taglines, you end up with strange content like this. No matter how hard I tried to explain that the tagline wasn't clear, I could not get it changed.

The body of the GT2 Pro and GT2 were made from a bio-polymer that included paper pulp. This resulted in the team deciding on a paper theme throughout the design. And so that was something I had to incorporate somehow into the messaging.

3. A lot of technical info
The brief for the content was to be Apple-like. But the scope of the project included much more than just witty titles that included plays on words. With this being realme's first true flagship, they were keen to showcase all the tech. This meant I had to learn about a lot of hardware, quick, to be able to not only write about it, but know what to highlight and how to do it.

Click on the images below for info on the thought process behind the words
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