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Years of UX experience,
distilled into a portfolio critique

No pre-recorded video or basic report

Get a 1-on-1 live video call with real actionable insights
Start with a FREE consultation now

Get noticed, get hired

As a world-renowned content design manager, I know exactly what hiring managers want to see.

Here's just some of the problems we'll work together to fix.

case studies

It's OK to use case studies.

But we'll work together to make sure they highlight your skills are understanding of UX writing.

Just showing
the final text

Writers often make the same mistake: only showing the final content and not the process or the "why".


I'll show you what to focus on to beef up your projects.

Not understanding
your audience

As a hiring manager I'll explain what we look for in a portfolio.


 I'll give you tips and tricks to help you stand out from the crowd.

Stop wasting your time

Why spend months on a portfolio and then get no replies from recruiters?

Why pay for a pre-recorded video, or a written report?

Our 1-on-1 call means you can ask questions,
get advice, and clarification you won't get anywhere else.

What's included

Portfolio critique: Free consultation, then $99


Free consultation

10 mins

Pay nothing now. Just contact me using the form below and we'll talk about your needs to make sure the portfolio critique is exactly what you need.



I will analyze your portfolio and prepare a report of objective, and subjective, changes you can make instantly. These will cover everything from the content to presentation.


1-on-1 call

30 mins

We then schedule a 1-on-1 call where I walk you through the whole portfolio. A call is so much better than a video or report. You can ask questions and we can work together to improve your portfolio.

You'll also get a full report of things to work on and improve.

Need a critique? Let's talk

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I'll be in touch soon!

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